Model: CC03

Size: L1220 W620 H430 mm

Surface: Carbonized wood

Leg: Texture Black Metal Iron

What is Carbonized Wood?

‘Carbonized wood’ will had gone through a process of carbonized treatment with hot air temperature reaching above 200 degree Celcius to process the timber, in order to improve the life-span and quality of the wood, embossed with certain defence against fungus and wood borers, reduce the hydroscopicity and water absorption of the wood, improve the dimensional stability, bio-corrosion and weather ability. This advance technology is called ‘Carbonized Treatment’. Woods that are processed under the carbonized treatment has beautiful darken color and 100% environmentally friendly.
Why choose the Carbonized Wood?

This wood carbonization process is purely physical technology, it does NOT requires any chemical substances in the process, definitely an environment-friendly material. Furthermore, the carbonization technology can improve the quality and durability of fast-growing plantation wood and may be an revolutionary option above traditional tropical wood. Therefore, carbonized wood carries the will of the natural forest protection and its environmental significance. On the other hand of environmental friendly, Carbonized Wood product comes with a special effect in generating a more healthier lifestlyle as well……..

Besides the above, Carbonized wood had significant degradation on the wood’s high moisture hemicellulose that highly reduces the water moisture content within the carbonized wood comparable to normal wood. The moisture reduction of the wood has great impact in swelling, shrinkage and warping deformation, vice versa it helps to improve the dimensional stability. Hence, you do not have to worry about the indoor temperature and humidity of the warehouse if you want to store “Carbonzied Wood” products in your warehouse.

Scientifically, by going through the Carbonized process will allow the wood to generate a kind of substance called acetic acid; and with the formation of acetic acid inhibited the growth of decay fungi increasing the rot resistance and weather resistance in opposite. Last but not least, the Carbonized Treatment will also extract the wood resin within, in which is an added advantage for surface coating and adhesive application.









35 kg