Product Information

There are always some corners in the house that are empty. Not sure how to utilize this space?

家里总是有一些角落空着. 不知道要怎么利用这个空间?


How about making a custom small cabinet?



We can customize your cabinet based on the design and detailed dimensions you provide, using the materials we offer.



customized cabinet     customized cabinet          customized cabinet

You can create a shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, storage cabinet, a sitting area under the window, and more… You can choose between wall-mounted or standing options.

可以制作鞋柜, 电视柜, 收纳柜, 落地窗口下的坐台等等… 你也可以做墙挂式或落地式


Currently, we only accept cabinets with a maximum height of 240cm, a width of 40cm, and unlimited length.

目前我们只接受高度最高 240cm 的柜子, 宽度40cm, 长度不限

customized cabinet

After the payment, we will create a preview image based on your design for your confirmation.


customized cabinetcustomized cabinetcustomized cabinet

How to calculate price? 如何计算价格?

The product price is calculated at RM58 per square feet.

For example, a cabinet measuring 100cm height * 120cm in length *  40cm in width:

(100cm/30cm) height x (120cm/30cm) length = 3.33 feet in height x 4 feet in length = 13.32 square feet

The price will be calculated to be approximately 14 square feet.

So, the final price of the product is 14 square feet x RM58 = RM812

Take Note: All products are calculated starting from a minimum of 9 square feet (1-8 sf are all calculated as 9 sf)



产品价格根据1平方尺(square feet) RM58 计算.

举例: 100cm 高 x 120cm 长 x 40cm 宽 的柜子

(100cm/30cm) 高 x (120cm/30cm) 长 = 3.33 feet 高 x 4 feet 长 = 13.32 square feet

价格会以近似值 14 square feet 整数计算.

所以产品最终价格是 14 square feet x RM58 = RM812


注意: 所有产品以最低 9 square feet 起跳计算 (1-8 square feet都以 9 square feet计算)

Important! 注意事项!

Important Notes:

  • Please provide product design drawings along with accurate and detailed measurements.
  • Take note of any obstructing structures at the installation site, such as power outlets or wall corners.
  • If the amount you select for the product purchase does not align with our calculation method, we reserve the right to terminate the project or charge the correct amount.
  • Products exceeding 240cm in length will have visible joints.
  • All products are calculated starting from a minimum of 9 square feet (1-8 square feet will also be considered as 9 square feet).
  • Prices do not include shipping and installation fees, which can be checked on the checkout page.
  • All products are either wall-mounted or freestanding. Additional charges apply if you require closures.
  • We will manufacture products based on the provided design drawings and our preview image. We are not responsible for any issues arising from incorrect measurements.
  • Our provided preview images are for reference purposes only. Actual products may have slight color variations


  • 请提供产品设计图还有正确和详细的尺寸
  • 需要注意安装处有没有其它阻碍结构 (如插座或墙角线)
  • 如果选购产品的金额和我们计算方式不一致, 我们有权终止项目或收取正确的计算金额
  • 产品长度超过240cm会有衔接缝
  • 所有产品以最低 9 square feet 起跳计算 (1-8 square feet都以 9 square feet计算)
  • 价格不包括运费和安装费, 运费和安装费请在checkout page查询
  • 所有产品都是悬挂式或落地式, 如果要收封口需要另计收费
  • 我们将根据提供的设计图和我们的预览图制造产品, 如果提供不正确的尺寸而产生的问题一概不负责
  • 我们提供的预览图只做参考用途. 实际产品和预览图或许会有色差


Product Square Feet

9 sf, 10 sf, 11 sf, 12 sf, 13sf, 14 sf, 15 sf, 16 sf, 17 sf, 18 sf, 19 sf, 20 sf, 21 sf, 22 sf, 23 sf, 24 sf, 25 sf, 26 sf, 27 sf, 28 sf, 29 sf, 30 sf, 31 sf, 32 sf, 33 sf, 34 sf, 35 sf