• Bio-Base Memory Foam Material
  • Tencel Fabric (Cooling Function)
  • 2 years warranty
  • Superior airflow for cool and natural sleep
  • Removable organic cotton covers for ease care
  • The air vent hole designed for better heat dispersion and ventilation
  • Hypoallergenic and stay hygienically clean
  • Free of dust-mite allergies.


Harmotex Comfort Pillow using Harmotex technology which won the ITEX Malaysia’16 Gold Medal (International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition) and Malaysian Innovative Product Award 2016. HarmotexTM is specifically designed and developed to obtain some unique characteristics and properties that beyond the typical conventional flexible polyurethane. HarmotexTM is bio-based material which is in compliance with the world wise theme for ECO-friendly material in 21st century. • Fluidization characteristic that enable the foam for larger 2 dimensional (X-Y) movements. • High air permeability that behave as heat sink for better heat dissipation. • Comfort factor level is range between 2.3 to 2.6. • Soft but strong resiliency feel brings the mattress comfort level to new level. The pillow cover is using Tencel technology. Tencel is an ecologically produced and recyclable yarn manufactured with wood pulp or cellulose. It is produced through an environmentally friendly process and can be recycled. The texture of tencel yarn is obtained by an enormous amount of tiny fibers being held together. This is why it absorbs more moisture, is perfectly washable and is delightful to touch. Improved airing of mattress is achieved thanks to the breathing and airy properties of the fiber. Tencel is natural luxury fiber.



2 kg