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  • white color high glo paint Korea Imported anti-scratch & prevent water penetration surface
  • Round corner design
  • T5 back light & dRAWER led LIGHT & switch & power supply plug
  • 3 month warranty (T&C)
  • Back Board 4 feet (Max. Fit 45"TV), 5 feet (Max. Fit 55"TV), 6 feet (Max Fit 65"TV)


Compartment description:

6B- Back wall L1770 x W138 x H1200 mm (including back light & electrical plug & switch for control lighting, Maximum fit 65″ TV)

6C- TV cabinet L1810 x W430 x H265 mm ( including 2 drawer)

M- L595 x W306 x H1475 mm (Display Cabinet with 2 Doors)

N- L595 x W306 x H1475 mm (Display Cabinet with 4 Doors)

K- L420 x W320 x H320 mm (Small Box)

P- L1220X W320 X H320 mm (Long Box)





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VD5050-6B, VD5050-6C, VD5050-K, VD5050-P, VD5050-M, VD5050-N